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Product : EAF Electrode Regulator

The electrode controller is a state of the art compact and powerful system.

The design is based on the latest technology.

EAF Electrode Regulator
AEF Regulator

Measurements and calculations :

Voltage and current are sampled by 16 bits A/D converters at 10KHz. All the relevant electric parameters are calculated: RMS V, RMS I, Power P – Q – S, Arc Voltage, Arc Power, Reactance, Arc Resistance, Impedance, Refractory Index, Power factor, Energy …

Additionally, a stability index per phase and a foamy slag indication are provided by harmonics calculations.

Hardware :

The controller is based on a heavy duty industrial grade PC. Fan less system without hard disk, cooling system and trimmers. Galvanic isolation of the measurements. Various outputs standards to the valves are accepted : from +/- 10V to +/- 300mA. High accuracy and stability of the measurements.

Regulation :

Various regulation modes are available : Arc Resistance (Ra), Arc Voltage (Va), Impedance (Z), Current (I) and Impedance with Current supervision (Z+I). Sophisticated built-in mechanism will handle with short circuits, non conductive elements and heavy pieces. All the stages of the melt are automatically controlled by self-adaptive PI’s.

Tuning and Reporting :

The system provides useful information in order to improve the furnace performance. Reports are available as an average of tap position – bucket and heat. The reports are stored internally for the entire life of the system. For fine investigation, trends based on 100ms time are stored for one month of operation. The information is available from remote PC’s and can be exported.

Communication :

The regulator takes the field information from the furnace PLC over a network connection. The majority of protocols and PLC in the market are supported.


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